Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fame - Before they were famous!

I love those ‘before they were famous’ shows where you get people like David Bowie, aka The founder of The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Long-haired Men, voicing his distress over being called a ‘girl.’ How the times changed hey?! Well I just read our latest release and I love MGM HD's vibe.

MGM HD is celebrating the release of the new movie Fame with a month long series of movies. What makes them have anything to do with the new movie Fame I hear you ask?

Opening up the MGM vault, MGM HD will be broadcasting awesomeness like Sid & Nancy, Six Degrees of Separation and Johnny Be Good. These are the films that are considered by many as the breakout roles for the likes of Gary Oldman, Will Smith and Uma Thurman. You see, these are the films that made them famous…in support of the new film Fame…

Here's what they have -

Sunset Beat
Disturbing Behavior
Six Degrees of Separation

Once Bitten
Man in the Moon
Stardust Memories
Innocent Lies
Nicholas Nickleby
Babes in Toyland
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Sid & Nancy
Mystery Date
Johnny Be Good
Modern Girls

Watch the trailers and see if you can guess who is in what...

Wait a minute…Gary Oldman was Sid in Sid & Nancy?! How the hell did I not know that?!


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