Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Power of 'The Brand'

How is your Brand Identity doing in 2011? Have you researched your product's and customer service reputation on Google lately? Have you read the posts on your Facebook wall? What does the Twitterverse have to say about you?

With the rise of Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter, 'brand identity' is becoming easier to track (albiet with a little organization and the right tools) but ever more difficult to control.

When people see your brand what do they associate with it? Is it your downfall, “Oh wait, if it’s from them, I want nothing to do with it?” Or does it represent the good you do and the quality you provide? Are people reminded of your credibility and want to read more, or are they turned off?

Once branded, it is extremely difficult to remove the association of that mark (although not impossible - look at Dell Computers as a great example of a business successfully changing their negative Brand Identity).

If your reputation is bad enough, the negative recognition will create an emotional connection to your brand that is so strong that your potential client or customer will never come near you again when they see that mark. But if your Brand Identity is reputable, verified by those who should know, you may just have raised the flag of favor upon what you do; a flag that will call people to action in support of your company or cause wherever they see it.

One of the best examples of a positive Brand Identity is of course Apple. Jon Stewart's latest piece on Verizon's announcement, that it will finally carry the iPhone, speaks volumes. In short - "I know my iPhone wont work correctly, but I want it anyway." That is some serious Brand Power.

UPDATE, January 19, 2011: Apple reported record-breaking earnings, with revenue of more than $26 billion for its fiscal first quarter. During the quarter, Apple sold 7.3 million iPads, 16.2 million iPhones, 4.1 million Macs and 19 million iPods.

Who do you think has a great Brand Identity and why?


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