Wednesday, October 21, 2009

MGMHD gives us a Marathon of Thrills

So have you decided what your costume is this year? Last year was my first Halloween (I’m British…we just don’t really celebrate it) and I decided to go the Jesus route. It went down pretty well…not shaving for three months gave me an authenticity that the other Jesus contenders didn’t have. Good times.

This year I’m doing a group thing (there are 5 in total). I won’t ruin the surprise but believe me when I say it’s going to be epic!

If you are staying in this Halloween though I’ve just been told that MGMHD are doing a marathon of horror flicks, bombarding their audience with classic after classic like a hoard of zombies coming at you in your worst nightmare…relentless!

Best of all it is a two day event. So even if you are out scaring people all night on October 31st you’ve got Sunday 1st to chill and be chilled.

Here is the Press Release we just issued. It’s going to be one spine chilling weekend….MMWHAHAHAHHAHAHA!


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